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Rajesh Pathak: Founder of

Greetings! I am Rajesh Pathak, the visionary behind, a company established in 2016. My mission is to empower professionals and corporate teams by imparting essential data management skills using Microsoft Excel. Through my comprehensive training programs, individuals learn to harness the full potential of Excel, enabling them to perform efficient data analysis, manipulate complex formulas, clean data effectively, and leverage hidden Excel tools to optimize productivity.

Here’s how my programs make a difference:

  1. Data Mastery: My programs guide learners in mastering pivot tables, conditional formatting, and chart creation for data visualization and presentation.
  2. Macro Magic: My training equips participants with the ability to create macros, automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows.
  3. Budgeting and Forecasting: My programs delve into various budgeting and forecasting techniques within MS Excel, empowering professionals to make informed decisions.

My resources include over 300 HD video tutorials, 300+ eBooks, and a vast library of Excel practice files. These materials simplify complex concepts and formulas, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Accolades and Recognition

  • DelveInsight Business Research LLP: The CEO Mr. Vishal Agrawal commended my successful 10-day training program for company employees.

My Microsoft Certifications

Additionally, let me highlight my impressive leadership experience

Leadership Journey (7+ Years)

As a former Group Leader, I honed core competencies in Team Management, Process Enhancement, Escalations Handling, and Client Relations across BPO/KPO/MNC sectors. During my tenure as Group Lead at the US-based MNC Rose IT Solution Pvt. Ltd., I navigated complex challenges, facilitated process transitions, and set service standards that continue to define excellence. My dedication and hard work have earned recognition from past employers, reinforcing my commitment to driving success.


    Mastering Data Management using Microsoft Excel is a highly valuable skill in today’s competitive job market as well as for running a successful organization. Let’s explore some compelling reasons why:

    1. Increase Productivity using Shortcut keys:
      Excel offers various keyboard shortcuts by using which you can work faster and more efficiently.
    2. Excel Automation: Macros help in automating repetitive tasks, making complex calculations and processes easier.
    3. Time saving with advanced formulas:
      Advanced Excel functions and formulas make your calculations faster and easier. There are more than 500 functions in Excel and you choose what you like most from the entire lot.
    4. Better business decisions: 
      Mastering data management helps in taking better and sound business decisions. Tools like PowerBi, Excel functions, Excel charts and Data visualization techniques help the decision makers to decide the future course of action.
    5. High demand in the Job Market:
      Employers need employees with strong data management proficiency because of the following reasons:
      • Data Analysis
      • Problem-Solving
      • Automation
      • Faster and complex calculations
      • Easy to filter and sort data
    6. Ever increasing time saving features:
      Microsoft has been adding new tools like Power Query, PowerBi, Power Pivot, AI integration in Excel and many new Excel functions which aim towards better and faster business decisions.
    7. Higher Salary Potential:
      • Mastering data management can lead to higher salary increments as employees are able to solve the problems faster and better.

    My online and downloadable eLearning-based data management programs are designed in an easy-to-understand way. 

    The language is simple, and videos and eBooks contain step-by-step instructions.

    Should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to me here:

    Contact Details: +91 9971911018, +91 9818052581

    Stay connected on LinkedIn: 

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    Dwarka, New Delhi

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